The Rockland Development Council (RDC) Board of Trustees has made the thoughtful decision to dissolve the RDC effective March 15, 2023. The Board has determined that the organization’s mission can best be met through the transfer of assets to a fund under the Rockland Community Foundation. The fund will be named the “Fostering Philanthropy Fund” and will continue the important work that RDC has accomplished in Rockland County since 1999. Additionally, the fund will perpetuate RDC’s signature Philanthropy Day event which provides an opportunity to honor community members and organizations as well as to provide an impactful message on the power of philanthropy. More information about the fund can be found here:

It has been our honor to serve the needs of fundraising professionals for the past 24 years. We thank the entire community for its support of philanthropic efforts that continue to make Rockland a wonderful place to live, work and raise our families.


The RDC Board of Trustees