The Dorothy M. Gillespie Foundation

To create, form and establish an organization to support, develop, and encourage the talents of young and emerging female artists in the United States; to encourage the creation and exhibition of new works, compositions, and skills acquired by young and adult artists; to advance the appreciation of art by means of the presentation of exhibitions, shows, and other events; to promote and enhance the cultural enrichment of the general public through  through the active presentation of a diversity of art forms; to stimulate public interest in the purposes of this corporation; to make such artisitic and cultural enrichment available to the general population; to aid, asisst, cooperate, co-sponsor and otherwise engage in concerted action with private and govermental agencies and organizations on programs to enrich and expand the artistic awareness of those who otherwise might not be exposed to art and generally to cultivate and foster the talents of young artists by all available means and methods.

Contact Information:

Gary Gillespie Israel, President
101 Gedney Street, Suite 2B, Nyack, NY 10960

P: 845-893-0327

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